The Unseen Scars: Understanding Psychological Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

When we think of personal injuries, we often focus on the visible wounds, broken bones, and physical pain. However, it’s important to recognise that the impact of an accident can extend far beyond the physical realm. Witnessing a traumatic event or suffering a physical injury can trigger a range of psychological injuries that are just … Read more

Emotional Distress: Can I Sue Workcover For Mishandling My Claim?

It is extremely common for injured persons on Workcover to complain about how the Workcover claims manager treats them throughout their recovery. It’s also reasonably common for injured workers to feel that they have been treated so unfairly and prejudicially that it’s caused them emotional distress or a psychological injury. Whilst on Workcover, an injured … Read more

Breaking the Silence: The Brisbane Youth Detention Centre’s Troubling History of Sexual Abuse

Indigenous hands gripping a chain wire fence, representing child abuse occurring in youth detention centres.

The Brisbane Youth Detention Centre (‘BYDC’) in Wacol, Brisbane, established in 2001, serves as a secure facility for male and female minors aged between 10-17 who have been remanded into custody or sentenced for an offence they have committed. Unfortunately, the centre has gained notoriety for the high rates of childhood sexual abuse reported by … Read more

Policy shift for NSW police and why Queensland police should follow

New South Wales is the first state to recognise police officers who have taken their own lives due to work related psychological injuries such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) on the NSW Police Wall of Remembrance following a campaign led by Ms Deborah Bryant, who was widowed when her police officer husband committed suicide. … Read more