Double Dipping: Making Multiple Claims for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)

Have you ever wondered if you can make multiple claims for total and permanent disability (TPD) through your superannuation funds? The answer is yes, it is possible to have multiple TPD policies and make claims through each of them. This is often referred to as “double dipping”. Double dipping means making multiple claims for TPD … Read more

Injured support worker wins TPD claim of over $150,000 after slipping in shower

Shower nozzle causing slip and fall injury

The Accident In 2019, a client of ROCHE Legal in their late 50’s was working as a disability support worker. The support worker was unfortunately injured at work when assisting an elderly resident in a well-known disability support and aged care facility take a shower. Specifically, the injury occurred when the support worker slipped in … Read more

How to Win a Claim for Total & Permanent Disability (TPD Claim)

Doctor reviewing TPD Claim application form

If you’ve found this article, chances are you already know that many superannuation funds contain an insurance policy for total and permanent disability (TPD). These policies, often worth $100,000’s, can be claimed on if you experience a personal injury or disability which prevents you from being able to return to work. Understanding the TPD claim … Read more