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3 Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents in Queensland

Every year, thousands of Australians experience road accidents, either due to a driving error on their part or being caught in harm’s way due to someone else’s negligence

If you’re a driver, you’ve probably grown accustomed to the fact that car crashes can happen to anyone and make life more difficult in the process. With the higher risk of injury (or even death) that can result in being off the road and out of work for weeks, or even months, it’s clear that a road accident is one of the biggest inconveniences that anyone can face. 

Why does it matter to know why an accident happens?

Generally, there are three main reasons it’s important for any Australian driver to familiarise themselves with the primary causes of road accidents in the country:

  1. To avoid committing the same mistakes on the road
  2. To better protect themselves and others from injury
  3. To understand who is responsible for certain types of accidents, and whether there is sufficient cause to sue a motorist to recover the loss caused 

Considering that car crashes are inconvenient and can put you or a loved one on the sidelines for weeks (or months) and can rack up a hefty bill, knowing why they happen goes a long way. When you consider the fact that accidents can be one of the most costly expenses that one can incur, it makes sense to learn about the foremost catalysts of road accidents.

Common reasons for road accidents in Queensland

We provide the three main causes of road accidents, based on Queensland statistics, so that you can not only be a better, safer driver, but be informed of your right to make a legal claim:

1. Driving under the influence

Regardless if it is attributed to drug use or alcohol consumption, anyone who drives under the influence bears a much greater propensity to cause and be involved in road accidents.

Based on history alone, alcohol and drugs play key roles as factors in many crashes that occur on Queensland’s freeways and thoroughfares annually. When you consume alcohol or drugs before or during a trip, you immediately put other drivers on the road and yourself at risk because these temporary handicaps can lead to worse outcomes, such as:

  • Impaired vision
  • Impaired reflexes and coordination
  • Impaired judgment and risk assessment

Today, current laws seek to counteract the occurrence of drunk driving by enforcing stricter laws, higher fines or penalties, and aggressive driver education—but the risk still remains. Studies have also shown that driving tired causes an impairment similar to driving whilst intoxicated.

2. Speeding

Similar to driving under the influence of alcohol (or banned substances), speeding is another common cause of road accidents, injuries, and death that is primarily rooted in recklessness.

The main reason speed limits are enforced is that controlled speeds make for controlled forms of road behaviour that result in better road awareness, room for reaction, and safer travel. Unfortunately, failing to follow set speed limits (or going well over them) still persists on Queensland roads and contributes to a significant percentage of road accidents and fatalities.

3. Distracted driving

Another common reason for road accidents is distracted driving. Possibly caused by either irresponsible mobile phone usage, complete neglect of attention to the road, rowdy children in the back seat, or road rage, distracted driving is linked to a significant chunk of reported accidents.

When a driver is distracted, they hamper the level of control they need to exercise over their vehicle and unwittingly put themselves in a position where they have a much higher chance of crashing.


Dealing with a motor vehicle accident is never an easy experience for anyone, but understanding the most common causes can help keep you safe. When you are more aware and mindful of the causes of car accidents, you can stay much safer on the road and minimise your risk of experiencing such problems in the future.

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