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Spinal Cord Injury Compensation Claims

In the realm of personal injury claims, not all cases are created equal. Spinal cord injuries in particular, demand a level of expertise that goes beyond the ordinary. At Roche Legal, we understand the gravity of these cases and specialise in providing unparalleled legal support for clients facing such life-altering challenges.

The Serious Nature of Spinal Cord Injuries

Unlike typical injury claims, spinal cord injuries often lead to long-term, if not permanent, consequences. The impact on the individual’s life, from physical abilities to cognitive functions, is substantial. This complexity requires a deep understanding of medical nuances and the long-term implications these injuries can have on a person’s life.

Understanding the specific nature of spinal cord injuries is crucial when pursuing legal claims, as the impact on an individual’s life can be profound. Legal experts, such as those at Roche Legal, are experts in navigating the complexities of spinal cord injury cases to ensure clients receive the compensation they deserve for medical expenses, rehabilitation, and ongoing care.

Complete Spinal Cord Injury (SCI): This occurs when the spinal cord is fully severed, leading to a loss of sensation and motor function below the injury site. Paralysis is a common outcome, the severity of which depends on the level of the injury. Paraplegia and quadriplegia come with a host of other lifechanging ways of living, such as the need for frequent personal assistance, modifications to housing and vehicles, and more.

Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury: Unlike a complete SCI, an incomplete injury allows for some degree of sensory or motor function below the affected area. The extent of impairment can vary widely, ranging from mild weakness to partial paralysis.

Spinal Fractures: Fractures of the vertebrae can result in damage to the spinal cord, impacting motor and sensory functions. The severity of the injury depends on the location and extent of the fracture.

Herniated Discs: Trauma can cause the discs between vertebrae to herniate, compressing the spinal cord and nerves. This can lead to pain, weakness, and loss of sensation in the affected areas. Often a discectomy procedure is required (removal of a disc) followed by fusion surgery.

Failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS): is defined as lower back pain of unknown origin either persisting despite surgical intervention or appearing after surgical intervention for spinal pain originally in the same topographical location. Sometimes, when back surgery is performed symptoms can become worse – e.g. more painful, or causing neurological deficits such as weakness, a limp or a foot drop.

Spinal Stenosis: Narrowing of the spinal canal, often due to injury or degenerative changes, can put pressure on the spinal cord, resulting in pain, numbness, and motor dysfunction.

Central Cord Syndrome: Typically caused by hyperextension injuries, this condition affects the center of the spinal cord, leading to impairment of motor function and sensory loss, often more pronounced in the arms than the legs.

Expertise Matters: Maximising Damages Payable

At Roche Legal, we recognise that spinal cord claims require a team of experts who can navigate the intricacies of medical evidence, rehabilitation costs, necessary equipment, housing/vehicle modification costs, and future ongoing care needs.

The difference in engaging a personal injury lawyer with experience in handling spinal cord and back injuries can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lawyer with a specific focus in this area can accurately assess damages to ensure nothing is left off the table, collaborate effectively with medical experts, and navigate insurance negotiations with a tailored approach, whether the injury was sustained from a motor vehicle accidentwork related incident, or from a public liability scenario.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers are well-versed in handling such cases, ensuring that every aspect is thoroughly considered to maximise the damages payable to our clients.


Consider the case of Sarah Thompson (not her real name), a Queensland resident who suffered a severe spinal cord injury in a motor vehicle accident. Roche Legal not only secured compensation for immediate medical expenses through a CTP claim but also factored in long-term rehabilitation costs, extensive home modifications, and ongoing care needs. We assisted our client to access additional compensation through a superannuation TPD claim, and made applications to the National Injury Insurance Scheme (Qld) (‘NIISQ‘), and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (‘NDIS‘) on her behalf. Our commitment to comprehensive case assessment ensured that Sarah received the compensation she deserved to help rebuild her life.

Client Care Beyond the Norm

Understanding the challenges faced by our clients, Roche Legal takes pride in offering personalised and empathetic support. Recognising that traveling may pose additional hardships, our legal experts are readily available to visit clients at their homes. This ensures that quality legal advice is accessible without any unnecessary burden.

No Win, No Fee: Our Commitment to Justice

Roche Legal operates on a no win, no fee basis, emphasising our commitment to justice and our belief in the strength of our legal expertise. Clients can rest assured that we only succeed when they do, aligning our interests with theirs.

When it comes to spinal cord injury claims, Roche Legal stands out as the go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled legal representation. Our team’s dedication to expertise, client care, and a no win, no fee approach make us the trusted partner you need during challenging times. Contact Roche Legal today and let us guide you on the path to rightful compensation and a brighter future.