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Prepare Your Will Online

Writing a will doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Roche Legal provides will writing services for fixed fees. The cost depends on your needs. However, most people find themselves without a complex state of affairs requiring a simple will for around $800.00 + GST.

Regardless of your circumstances, complete the following questionnaire for a discount of $200 + GST off our fixed fee to draft your will according to your wishes.

Once we receive your answers, we will arrange an appointment to make it official.

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    Please list all of your beneficiaries and their relationship to you (eg: Jane Doe - wife, Robert Doe - son, Mary Jane Doe - grandchild). Please include their dates of birth if known, and their addresses, next to their full names. Check to ensure you have spelled the names correctly.: *

    How do you want to leave your estate?

    I want to... *

    Leave everything to my spouse/partner, or if I outlive my spouse, then to my kids in equal sharesLeave everything split equally to my childrenLeave everything in the manner set out in the box below

    Specific Gifts

    You may wish to give a particular item or money to a particular person (eg: your wedding rings), or you may wish to leave money to a particular cause or charity (eg: The Salvation Army). Please list in the box:

    1. The item or money you wish to leave to a particular person(s) or organisation(s)

    2. The full name(s) and address(es) of the person(s) or organisation(s).

    Executors and Trustees

    An Executor is the person (or organisation) that you specify and entrust to carry out your wishes pursuant to your will when you pass away. We recommend that you nominate two executors, and talk to them to ensure they are happy to do this for you.

    Executors need to be someone you trust absolutely and without reservation. They can be a beneficiary, family member, relative or friend, your solicitor or accountant, or they can be an a private trustee company or the public trustee. Unless specified in the will; Executors cannot charge for their work.

    * Executor's Full Name

    * Executor's Address

    2nd Executor's Full Name (if any)

    2nd Executor's Address

    Guardian of infant children (if any)

    A Guardian is the person you specify to look after your children, when both parents are dead and the children are under eighteen.

    Guardian's Full Name

    Guardian's Address

    Funeral Wishes

    Funerals are often held before the will is read so you should let your loved ones know in advance what type of funeral you prefer. Do you wish to be Buried? Cremated? Donate Your Body to Science?

    Other Information

    Are you operating a business?

    Are you a party to a binding financial agreement ('BFA')?

    Do you have children to more than one partner?

    Do you wish to exclude anyone from receiving a benefit under your will?

    If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, or have anything else you wish to let us know, please provide more details.

    Have you considered a Trust?

    If you want to ensure that your estate is protected from third parties eg: creditors or spouses that divorce from your children, you should consider a Testamentary Trust. If you want to incorporate a trust, please tick this box and we will contact you to discuss it in depth, as it will incur additional legal fees beyond the costs of a simple will. Initial advice is free.

    Yes, please contact me regarding a Trust

    Do you need a Binding Death Nomination for your Superannuation savings?

    In Queensland, your will is not able to control or direct how your savings in your superannuation fund are to be paid out. Most people find this strange. If you die and do not have a current binding death nomination in place, your superannuation benefits (savings and/or insurance) typically get paid out to your dependents. A dependent is anyone who financially depended on you in some way at the time of your death - usually your spouse or children. A binding death nomination allows you to specifically nominate a qualified person to receive the benefits instead. Depending on your superannuation fund, nominations usually expire every 3 years.

    Yes, please contact me regarding a Binding Death Nomination

    Do you need a Power of Attorney?

    A power of attorney is a legal document that gives someone else the power to make personal and/or financial decisions on your behalf. The power can be limited for a specific time, or it can be ‘Enduring’ which means that the power continues even if you lose the capacity to make the decisions yourself. For more information or if you want us to prepare a power of attorney document for you, please mark the box below.

    Yes, please contact me regarding a Power of Attorney

    Do you need an Advance Health Directive?

    An advance health directive ('AHD') allows you to make decisions about your healthcare in advance of you losing capacity or otherwise becoming unable to make decisions about your own health care. For example, you may wish not to be resuscitated or to receive a blood transfusion due to religious beliefs. An AHD must be signed off by yourself and by a doctor. For more information or if you want us to prepare an advance health directive for you, please mark the box below.

    Yes, please contact me regarding an Advance Health Directive