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*TPD Claim through superannuation insurance.

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    Free consults apply to motor vehicle accidents, work accidents, or public place accidents only.

    Hi, my name is Christopher Roche. I entered the legal profession in 1986, and have helped process over 1,600 ‘no win no fee’ claims for people like you. In fact, I was the first lawyer in Australia to advertise ‘no win no fee’ compensation services. It didn’t take long for other compensation law firms to copy.

    However, not all law firms got it right. Making a successful compensation claim often requires obtaining expert evidence and reports which can cost anywhere from around $5,000 – $20,000. Some ‘no win no fee’ law firms either require up-front payment for these expenses – or if you carefully check the fine print their cost agreements, you may have to pay the law firm back for the costs of these expenses if you lose! This hidden expense is the last thing you need if you’re unable to work.

    At Roche Legal, we pay for your expenses and you will never be required to pay us back if you lose your case.

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    Roche Legal does not charge a fixed percentage of your compensation amount. We record our time and charge on an hourly basis.

    In fact, we even go one step further and put a cap on it. We promise to never charge any more than 40% of your compensation amount, regardless of how much time we spend on your case. This means that the compensation amount we recover for you is guaranteed to be more than double your legal fees.

    In 2023 we can point to real life cases where we:

    • spent a large amount of time to assist someone in need so that they got justice when other firms would turn them away, and discounted our fee so that it was no more than 40% as promised; and
    • spent only enough time on a matter as absolutely necessary to obtain the best outcome for the client, where our fee ended up being only around 10% of the compensation payout – well under our 40% price cap guarantee.

    Most other Queensland law firms rely on a fee cap of 50% which is governed by legislation.

    Roche Legal Fee Comparison

    “How Do I Make a Compensation  Claim?”

    Finding out if you have a claim for compensation begins with a simple phone call to Roche Legal. You will discuss your situation directly with a lawyer who will tell you in plain English whether you have a claim or not. This advice is 100% free to you.

    If you prefer to meet and discuss in person, you can call us to arrange a free initial appointment in one of our three offices.

    Although, we understand that it isn’t always easy to travel or meet with a lawyer when there are other things on your mind following an accident. At your request, our lawyers are willing to travel to meet you in person. Strict time limits apply to making compensation claims, so our first priority is to make sure that you maintain your right to be fairly compensated – and not miss out just because you missed a deadline.

    Call now to find out if you have a claim.

    “Is It Worth Hiring A Lawyer To Run My Claim?”

    Yes. Publicly available statistics show that engaging a lawyer increases your compensation amount by more than 11x on average. Even after accounting for legal fees, you are going to be much better off for having engaged a lawyer to represent you.

    Compensation lawyers have a duty to act in your best interests and make sure you are paid your maximum entitlements and don’t get taken advantage of.

    Call now to find out if you have a claim.

    If you already have a claim in progress, you can also easily switch lawyers to Roche Legal so you are better protected.

    Our Reviews

    Roche Legal is a 5-star rated law firm, verified by Google.

    Robyn Franklin
    Robyn Franklin
    I'm thankful for having Sean as my lawyer. He is intelligent, a fantastic communicator, and was able to achieve a great outcome for my case. He kindly guided me through the whole process and answered any questions I had. Highly recommend.
    Best lawyer I’ve ever dealt with, the attention to detail, care and advice given by Sean has no comparison to the previous lawyers I have been to. Sean was able to give me a clear understanding into my options and eased my mind about the whole process, you won’t be disappointed by Roche legal.
    joe nooyen
    joe nooyen
    Sean was amazing in looking after me in my situation. I was scared and stuck in the workcover system feeling like I was going nowhere. My case was complicated and difficult to work through, but he got it sorted. He explained every step of the process thoroughly and was very professional and caring. I highly recommend Sean for anyone dealing with a workplace injury and or tpd claim. Thank you so much Sean.
    Gary Bock
    Gary Bock
    When you need a personal injury lawyer who specializes in CTP claims and personal injury cases, Roche Legal is the law firm you can trust. I recently had the pleasure of working with Sean and his team at Roche Legal, and I have nothing but praise for their professionalism, expertise, and dedication. From the very first consultation, I knew I was in good hands. Sean took the time to listen to my situation, answer my questions, and explain the legal process in a way that was easy to understand. His knowledge and experience in personal injury law, particularly with CTP claims and personal injury cases, were evident from the start. Throughout my case, Sean and his team were communicative, responsive, and proactive. They kept me informed every step of the way and were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. I was impressed with their attention to detail and their ability to navigate the complex legal system with ease. But what really stood out to me was their commitment to getting me the compensation I deserved. Sean and his team fought tirelessly on my behalf, and I was more than satisfied with the outcome of my case. If you're looking for a personal injury lawyer who specializes in CTP claims and personal injury cases, look no further than Roche Legal. Their expertise, professionalism, and dedication are second to none, and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of legal services
    Queendog Y
    Queendog Y
    I would highly recommend using Sean for any legal services, he is very professional and explained things in a way that made it very easy for me to understand. He reviewed some contracts for me and did an awesome job of making sure that I knew what it was all about and simplifying it for me. Would definitely recommend!
    I can't recommend Sean more highly enough for my legal situation. I was a bit apprehensive engaging in legal advice due to being a first for me, however from my initial contact with Sean, he quickly made me feel at ease with the whole process. He is just a down to earth person and very approachable, yet provides great advice whilst being clear and concise. Dont' hesitate, give him a call/email if you need legal advice.
    Sarah White
    Sarah White
    When you have a personal injury you want the best in your corner. Sean Roche is the best of the best. My case had lots of twists and turns along the way and was quite complex but Sean covered all angles and kept me informed every step of the way, speaking in language I could understand. I had dealt with and spoken to several lawyers but as soon as I spoke with Sean I knew he was the man to look after my case. Sean answers your calls promptly, emails and phones with updates, gives you the peace to concentrate on your recovery while he deals with the legalities. I cannot recommend Sean highly enough. My case was very successful and exceeded my expectations. Give Sean a call, you won't regret it. Thank you Sean for giving me hope and a much brighter future in my recovery and a normal life once again. Roche Legal are outstanding!
    Brodie Shepherd
    Brodie Shepherd
    Sean Roche made everything easy to understand and was very happy to help with any questions i had along the way. I would highly recommend Roche Legal.
    Matt Watt
    Matt Watt
    I recently engaged with Roche legal using Sean in relation to a employment matter. The result and attention to detail was above and beyond and nothing was to much to ask. I have used other firms in the past and was treated like a number. Will defiantly be using again thanks Sean


    We help with the following types of compensation claims:

    • Car & Motorcycle Accidents
    • Pedestrian & Cyclist Accidents
    • Workplace Accidents
    • Public Place Accidents
    • TPD claims for any other serious injury or illness preventing you from working full-time

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    Car & Motorbike Accidents

    You can claim TPD insurance even if you have an existing CTP claim.

    Workplace Injuries

    You can claim TPD insurance even if you have an existing Workcover Claim.

    Slip & Falls

    You can claim TPD insurance even if you have an existing Public Liability claim.

    Psychiatric Injuries

    TPD insurance may be claimed if you’ve sustained a serious psychiatric injury following a traumatic incident.

    Hear Tim’s Story

    Our client, Tim, tells his story of how he was first injured in a work accident followed by a motorcycle crash a few weeks later – neither were his fault. Tim suffered injuries that were life changing. He engaged Roche Legal to assist him make TPD claims through his multiple superannuation insurance policies.

    Roche Legal helped put Tim back on track financially by winning 100% of his claims.

    Go to sleep tonight knowing that everything will finally be taken care of.

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